TRIGOS Award 2012: EVVA wins Austria's most important CSR award

"In the ecology category the company stands out with the innovative clean production approach that enables oil-free production and a 100% recycling rate for metal chips produced as part of the production process. The company thus proves it is amongst Austria's most ecologically advanced companies." This section has been taken from the evaluation by the TRIGOS panel.

It was a close race

EVVA was nominated for the TRIGOS award in the ecology category together with five other companies, all of which had been picked from a total of 189 applications.
As part of an official award ceremony EVVA's production manager Herbert Haslinger accepted the TRIGOS Award from Federal Austrian Minister Nikolaus Berlakovich.

"It was a great honour for myself to accept this important award on behalf of all EVVA employees. This award shows that the many years we put in all the effort were worth it", Haslinger highlights.
EVVA CEO Stefan Ehrlich-Adám is also delighted about the TRIGOS Award: "the nomination alone underlines our role model function within the context of CSR. The fact that we came out top in the end proves our high CSR standards throughout all company departments." 

High quality demands

2012 already saw the 9th edition of the TRIGOS award and not least its long history and the great levels of support it receives make it a well established, national award for responsible companies.
In total over 1,200 Austrian companies applied for the coveted CSR award and 160 companies have received national and regional awards (CSR = corporate social responsibility).

The independent panel includes representatives from economy, popular culture and scientific experts. The panel most of all assesses companies' comprehensive and strategic commitments. As a consequence, nominated companies do not apply individual measures, but they have anchored their social responsibility comprehensively and systematically in all areas (such as management, employees, society, market and environment).