Sustainability creates trust for the future.

As a family business, EVVA includes corporate social responsibility (CSR) in its company policies. By corporate social responsibility, we mean actions which meet the needs of today’s generation and which do not put the opportunities of following generations at risk. It is not only a question of defining values, but also of putting them into practice.

Here you can download the english version of

EVVA's sustainability report 2015 (PDF 5MB)

EVVA Code of Conduct

The three pillars of sustainability at EVVA: Social welfare, business and environment. For an industrial metalworking business in particular, an environmentally-aware attitude is a great necessity and a challenge at the same time. But our efforts in recent years have shown that ways of preserving resources and reducing the impact on the environment can be found everywhere at any time - even beyond  existing, stringent official requirements.

Examples of sustainable activities at EVVA:

  • Publication of sustainability reports
  • First-class environment management - "Ökoprofit-Auszeichnung der Stadt Wien" (Award of the Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology in Vienna for first-class environmental management many years in a row)
  • Nomination TRIGOS-Award 2015
  • Complex water treatment system
  • High priority assigned to waste prevention and recycling (recycling quota already at 66%!), Waste disposal list
  • Environmental prize from the City of Vienna in category "Innovation" for the modular design of  cylinders. This enables production steps to be optimised, resources saved, waste prevented and consumables used more efficiently
  • Intensified energy saving measures
  • Support of social projects
  • "Improvement suggestions from employees" initiative
  • Free-of-charge training courses ("EVVA Academy“)
  • Different working time models to strengthen family ties
  • Set up of a qualification network with other companies for exchange of expertise across the industry    
  • and many more

More detailed information: