At EVVA, acting in line with a corporate identity does not imply uniformity, but rather a convincing integration of working practices, people and targets.

Our identity will be determined by how well we all attend to our values, and how we adjust our business processes accordingly to achieve the mission behind our objectives.

With this in mind, rather than just selling a product, EVVA provides a feeling:
a sense of real security and safety, both at home and in the workplace.

Our philosophy-access to security:

1. We are a leading innovative manufacturer of mechanical and electronic access control systems.

2. Our products are characterized by fulfilling the highest quality standards and security requirements. We offer attractive design, comfortable handling and easy installation.

3. We are committed to a long-term and reliable business partnership, based on mutual trust, operative excellence and economic success.

4. Our longtime experience as well as our mechanical and electronic expertise represent the solid basis for reliable access control systems.

You can download our Our Values PDF (1,2 MB) here.