Quality policy

We understand quality to be the result of a process in which we continually improve our services, in order to be able to meet any challenges that we are presented with.

If there are any discrepancies from the requirements that we were presented with, we will either

  • determine the causes of these discrepancies and improve our procedures and processes accordingly
  • officially change the requirements to adapt them to the real needs of our customers and of our company.      

Underlying values:

Customer orientation
As a company, we focus on the wishes and expectations of our customers.
We gear all of our services towards the fulfilment of these requirements.  

Process orientation
As a company, we believe that all individual working stages form part of a process for the fulfilment of customer requirements. Our motto is therefore not to accept, do, or pass on anything that does not meet the requirements of our customers, or the requirements of everyone else involved in the process.

Error prevention
Error prevention is of utmost importance in our processes. However, if errors do occur we use them as a learning experience and treat them as a challenge.

Main tasks:

  • Determining the wishes and expectations of our external and internal customers  
  • Transforming these wishes and expectations into quality requirements for our processes, products and services 
  • Ensuring conformity to all applicable statutory or normative requirements and guidelines which relate to state-of-the-art technology   
  • Ensuring that these quality requirements are fulfilled