EVVA brand security

Medium-sized companies produce an average of 10,000 pieces of information such as texts, images and emails on a daily basis. On the other hand, we are all faced with up to 6,000 advertising contacts every day, but we only actively and consciously take notice of between 3 and 7% of all such messages. How loud do companies need to be in order to stand out from the crowd? In the face of such an "onslaught" of communication, a clear brand policy ensures that reference groups become aware of the company, recognise it immediately and are able to identify with it.

EVVA is conscious of this fact and has followed a strict brand strategy throughout its existence for more than 90 years.

The EVVA brand - inseparably linked with the feeling of security

What is security? The answer to this question is as varied as people themselves are. There is always one common denominator, however: Security is a feeling. As a basic human need, security is a key basic consideration in Maslow´s hierarchy of needs and plays a prominent role in our lives. EVVA has been satisfying this need since 1919 and closely concerns itself with people´s individual requirements regarding security in different types of organisations and set-ups.

Brand essence - Brand issue

The acronym EVVA stands for: "Erfindungs-Versuchs-Verwertungs-Anstalt" - in English, Invention, Experimentation and Application Institute. The fundamental notion of invention is thus already firmly embedded in the company name. We have remained true to this standard to this very day. Founded in 1919, EVVA took its first steps to becoming a security systems company back in 1937 when it received its first patent for a cylinder padlock. The in-house research and development department was set up in the 1970s and quickly became a driving force behind EVVA´s outstanding capacity for innovation.

Whereas in the last century EVVA products were represented by a key next to the trademark, since 2004 a new slogan has appeared in place of the key and is displayed together with the trademark: access to security. EVVA´s image has transformed itself from that of a mere "key manufacturer“ to one of a comprehensive solutions provider for all today´s security issues.

This development was accompanied by the introduction of a Europe-wide, standardised corporate design for the whole EVVA Group, which also affirmed the change in direction from a visual perspective. Today, the umbrella brand EVVA is protected in 53 countries. 33 product brands are grouped under this umbrella brand.

The EVVA brand's social and emotional values - "Brand values"

EVVA not only sells products, but also a "feeling of security". Mutual trust between reference groups and the company is therefore of prime importance. The purchaser entrusts both their personal security and their valuables to EVVA products - an imposing challenge EVVA is aware of at all times.

We see security not only as a fundamental need of our customers, but also of our employees. In terms of sustainable economic activity and as an Austrian family firm, we provide job security for our workforce of over 750 employees throughout Europe.

The brand values of security, innovation, employees and quality are ubiquitous and a driving force for the whole company. Customers, partners and employees from all over the world place their trust in the EVVA brand.

  • EVVA logos over time
    EVVA logos over time