• Georg Daimer
    Georg Daimer

Daimer Türmanagement, Ismaning

Daimer GmbH Türmanagement (Ismaning, Germany) was founded in 1984 by its current owner and managing director Georg Daimer. The company plans, supplies and installs mechanical locking systems. access control systems, mail box systems and other security solutions.

How long have you been working with EVVA and what do you consider the particularly positive aspects about this business relationship?

Since 1989 – At that time, long delivery periods were the norm and you would think yourself lucky if you managed to obtain a cylinder within six to eight weeks from most manufacturers. ELCA* caused a sensation back then with their extremely short delivery periods. In 1992, we set out our requirements to a few well-known manufacturers with regard to delivery periods, subsequent supply, a replacement key service and similar aspects. All of them declined, even ELCA, and said the requirements would be impossible to meet. ELCA wanted to try and managed to keep their promise. As a result, we focused our product line for new systems almost exclusively on a single manufacturer. EVVA and Daimer GmbH have now been working together in a very close, friendly business partnership for over 20 years. I would do things in exactly the same way again today!
What projects have you completed together with EVVA over the last twenty years?
Very many, including three award-winning buildings for the architects ASW in Munich, who constructed Europe's largest church portal doors in Munich. These doors are opened using a 3KS key, as is fitting for doors of such calibre. They also designed the administration centre for Allianz Munich, almost all buildings in the media section of Munich's broadcast centre, such as the Pro7 broadcast centre, many public buildings and, of course, their signature building – Munich Airport.
How would you sum up Daimer GmbH's business philosophy in one or two sentences?
Our aim is to provide optimum quality. Quality is not to be found on the Internet and not for free either. That's why information on our website is very sparse and it will stay that way. We meet almost all our customers' needs if they pay a fair price for their requirements.
What does "security" mean to you personally and how important is it in your life?
For me, security starts in the mind and should thus be regarded from a perspective of mentality. Requirements are based on this state of mind, on which a business transaction is based.
* ELCA was an EVVA subsidiary in Krefeld, Germany, between 1977 and 1995. In 1995, it changed its legal form and became EVVA Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. Further information: www.daimer.de