• Jürgen Felgner Felgner and its vehicles
    Jürgen Felgner Felgner and its vehicles

Felgner Sicherheitstechnik, Dresden

Founded in 1967, this family business grew very quickly from the very beginning despite the difficult economic situation at the time. Jürgen Felgner, Senior Executive Director, talks in an interview about security and his company's partnership with EVVA.

What was the crucial deciding factor in choosing a partnership with EVVA and when did the partnership come into being?
When EVVA offered its products at the Leipzig trade fair 1971 when still managed by Mr Pitsch, I was already paying frequent visits to Mrs Manierlich. In 1972, I was able to import my first locking systems thanks to Mrs Manierlich's skilful negotiations with the East German foreign trade department. From then on, until 1985, I supplied 376 consumers in the Dresden region with an EVVA locking system. ( The employees mentioned worked for EVVA before Mr Bujas took over).
What buildings have you equipped together with EVVA?
After German reunification, we were able to cover market needs especially in the Saxony region based on an excellent business relationship with EVVA. The most prominent buildings that we have worked on are the Zwinger Palace and Semperoper, the city's opera house, in Dresden. Other reference buildings include the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, DHL Leipzig and the St. Joseph Foundation Hospital.
How many employees do you have overall and what do you consider the most important aspect of personnel management?
Felgner Sicherheitstechnik employees a workforce of 17 and continues to favour the time-tested approach to management of a family-run business. In managing the company, I particularly cherish the opportunity to allow each individual employee to evolve and give them the freedom they need.
What do you think is the recipe for a successful company?
The successful development of an installation company such as Felgner consists of the management principles that I mentioned before and well-trained employees. It is also essential to create an excellent technical and organisational framework in the company itself.
We'd just like to finish off with a personal question: what does "security" mean to you and how important is it in your life?
For me, security refers to two things: the security which we offer our customers in the shape of products, linked to a meaningful organisational structure and effective filing of all documents. You also have the security offered by financial flexibility, which can be created if you budget carefully and clearly. That is the security that you can guarantee your employees and customers and which produces and preserves stability and trust on a long-term basis. Further information: www.felgner.de