• Grimbergen Security
    Thierry van Cauwenbergh

Grimbergen Security, Belgium

The lock and key service company Grimbergen Security has been a very active EVVA partner for many years. The company is based in Grimbergen, 15 km from Brussels. Despite its small organisation, its team offers excellent, efficient customer advisory services.  


Thierry van Cauwenbergh, an employee at Grimbergen Security, answers our questions in an interview.


When was your company founded and what products have you specialised in?
Grimbergen Security has existed since December 4, 1995. We sell mechanical security solutions to provide security for private apartments and homes as well as complex locking systems for larger buildings. What kind of experiences have you had with the EVVA brand in relation to your customers and what do you think makes an EVVA product stand out?
EVVA was the first supplier on the market to offer modular security cylinders. Their security products can be quickly and easily installed. EVVA products also stand out thanks to the large number of locking options. How many employees work for your company and what is your business philosophy?
Our team currently consists of two employees. We strive to serve our customers in the best possible way on a daily basis. You deal with the issue of security in your job every day. How important is this issue in your own life?
I value the protection of my own private sphere very highly. That's why my apartment is very effectively protected with security systems. Thanks to its expertise, Grimbergen Security has been able to attract a large number of major clients, such as the University of Leuven and the National Plantentuin. Grimbergen Security is one of our top ten Belgian
partners. We look forward to continuing our business partnership with them.