• Robert Hinnen
    Robert Hinnen

Hasler + Co AG, Winterthur, Switzerland

Hasler Access Experts form a separate division within the Swiss Hasler Group. The team consists of highly trained specialists and offers first-rate expertise for solutions in access and locking technology. Robert Hinnen,  Department Manager for Access Experts in Winterthur, talks to us about security and common interests.


Hasler + Co AG is a family business, now being run by the fifth generation. What do you think is the secret behind your years of success?
All generations of the Hasler family have always excelled thanks to innovation and above-average interpersonal skills. Employee well-being is an aspect which is very close to the employer's heart. It actually means something and is not just laid out in beautifully written corporate philosophies. The result is very low staff turnover, meaning that employee know-how is preserved within the company. Although this also implies a certain danger of developing a blinkered attitude to work, Hasler manages to adapt to its customers' needs time and again. 

As an outsider, what does the name EVVA mean to you?
I regard EVVA as a company with a long-standing tradition, but one which is not afraid of incorporating new technologies.

What is your business philosophy? What parallels do you see between EVVA and Hasler + Co AG?
Our business philosophy was redefined on a joint basis during a Kader workshop in 2008: "Hasler nurtures its employees. Hasler employees are professionals. Hasler customers are delighted and successful." This is supposed to describe the employer's endeavours, the employees' expectations and customer benefit in simple, easily remembered words. I am not familiar with the wording of EVVA's corporate philosophy, but I can very well imagine that Hasler's endeavours can be easily compared with those of EVVA.

In your work, you deal with the issue of security and the latest technologies on a daily basis. When do you personally feel secure? Who or what gives you this security?
I feel insecure when I don't know how to approach a task successfully or what my objective should look like. It is therefore important for me to learn something new at work on a continuous basis and improve my knowledge. The in-house training and upgrade training courses offered by EVVA Schweiz AG have helped a great deal in this respect.

Further information: www.hasler.ch