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JUBO s.r.o., Bratislava

Mr Juraj Bóri, Managing Director of JUBO s.r.o, talks in an interview about his collaboration with EVVA, his company philosophy and the value of security for him personally.


When was your company founded and what makes it different from others?
Founded in summer 2001, JUBO s.r.o. now boasts three branches in Bratislava. Our aim is to secure as many satisfied customers as possible. We sell top-of-the-range products and offer expert advisory services in the security sector. For you as an outsider, what does the name EVVA mean to you and what do you particularly value in your partnership with EVVA?
For me personally, EVVA represents security, tradition, loyalty and reliability. I particularly appreciate the fast delivery times and the good relationship between our company and EVVA. The whole team is always ready to help me. How many employees work for your company and what products have they specialised in?
Our team currently consists of 10 people. Our key and lock service mainly offers a range of mechanical locking cylinders and padlocks. You deal with the issue of security in your job on a daily basis. What does security mean to you personally?
I feel safe and secure when I can sleep well. I associate security with reliability, protection and physical safeguards.