• Gabi Köppl Köppl Team
    Gabi Köppl Köppl Team

Köppl Gabi, St. Veit/Glan

Gabi Köppl's team has been synonymous with high-grade products, first-rate service and professional installation for many years.

What special characteristics do you see in your successful, long-standing partnership with EVVA? What works particularly well in our collaboration?
EVVA is an excellent partner for us. Although the company is very large, we have personal contact with employees and also with Mr. Ehrlich-Adám. You also realise that EVVA offers a very good working environment to its employees. The support and expertise offered by Mr. Tratnik, the sales representative responsible for us, is first rate! There's not a single thing which our 'Hansi' does not know. EVVA Academy training courses are excellent, even if they are a little expensive. I like the partner events very much. I have already congratulated Mrs Nagy on their organisation. It is very stimulating to exchange experiences with peers that you meet face-to-face at such events. The complaints management system is fast and requires little paperwork. Our company was re-founded not long ago, in 2005. I'd like to thank EVVA and the whole team once more for their support in this respect, especially Norbert Stöckl and Hans Tratnik. What kind of experiences have you had with EVVA products or the EVVA brand in relation to your customers?
I have only ever had good experiences with the EVVA brand and products. EVVA is a firmly established, well-known brand on the market. EVVA advertising activities are excellent – I can only offer praise for the support we receive as a partner!
How many employees work for your company and what products have they specialised in?
We are active in the areas of locksmithing, metal construction, key services and service provision. We have now also added your access control solutions and alarm systems to our range of services as a new field of activity.
What does "security" mean to you personally and how important is it in your life?
As I deal with break-ins on a daily basis, I value security very highly. Our customers are often horrified by how quickly my employees can gain entry through their doors or windows. Further information: www.koeppl-gabi.at