• Bernd Popp
    Bernd Popp

PKS Sicherheitssysteme, Salzburg

PKS Sicherheitssysteme GmbH in Salzburg was founded by Mr Bernd Popp in 1996. The company excels thanks to its expert customer advisory service and a wide-ranging product portfolio.

How long have you worked with EVVA and what do you value about your business relationship with them?
I have been acquainted with EVVA since 1983 when I was working for another company in the sector. We have now been working very closely with EVVA since 1997, a year after PKS was founded. I particularly appreciate their friendly manner and, above all, their rapid response to service issues. Liaising with Mr Robert Pliga ( field sales advisor for Salzburg), who has been a great help to us in carrying out many key projects. We have a good relationship with all EVVA employees. They all make every effort to meet our customers' wishes.

What kind of experiences have you had with EVVA products in relation to your customers?
We are pleased to offer EVVA products on a regular basis. They have an excellent image. EVVA is a very strong brand; we don't need to explain it to people. Customers associate it with high quality. Mechanical systems are a key field of business. We sell very many EPS locking systems at the lower end of the market, for example, but many customers change to higher grade systems such as 3KSplus as a result of sales talks.

What buildings have you equipped together with EVVA?
For example, we have installed systems together in the vocational school in St. Johann, the holiday resort in Ried and for the archdiocese in Salzburg. We are currently working on the stadium in Klagenfurt.

What questions come up when advising customers?
Our customers want an all-inclusive solution and that's exactly what they get from us. We have already completed many successful projects together with Mr Pliga; he really knows his stuff when it comes to products and customers' security needs. It is important to sell the customer the right product. Customer advisory plays a key role in this respect: What do they want? How important is personal safety to them? How much would they like to invest in their home or their building?

What does "security" mean to you personally and how important is it in your life?
Security is very important for me, because I don't want anybody to intrude on my privacy. It is not merely a question of valuables, which I usually have on me anyway, but my own private domain at home. To protect it, I have to invest in security technology. I see how badly victims of burglaries are traumatised on a regular basis. The psychological stress after a break-in very often has a greater impact than the material loss.

Further information: www.pks-salzburg.at