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    Manfred Pöllmann Pöllmann billboard

Pöllmann Sicherheitstechnik, Vienna

It all started as a small, one-man emergency locksmith service. Over the years, Pöllmann Sicherheitstechnik grew to become a reputable, quality operation. The team consists of highly trained specialists and offers first-rate security products, professional guidance, installation and locksmith services provided by experts.

What do you value particularly highly in your partnership with EVVA?
Our long-standing cooperation based on trust and mutual respect. I have been working very closely with EVVA since I became self-employed in 1973. I already enjoyed a very close relationship with Mr. Bujas. He was always as good as his word. For me, EVVA has been and will always be the best. The company is synonymous with excellent service and a first-class, regionally focused product range, something which also has a very positive effect on me and my operations and enables us to respond promptly and easily to customers' special requests.

What kind of experiences have you had with EVVA products in relation to your customers?
Excellent ones. Statistics are very revealing: every Viennese has at least two or three EVVA keys. I am very impressed by the products, a feeling which my customers clearly sense. A customer is always well advised when offered an EVVA product, as it lives up to its name as a quality product.
What is your business philosophy? What parallels can you draw between EVVA and Pöllmann Sicherheitstechnik?
Customer focus is particularly important to us. We do not treat the customer as king in this respect, but more as a person. Everybody deserves the same respect, irrespective of what they know, what they want and how they look. We examine each request on an individual basis and come up with solutions instead of just looking for problems all the time.
This thinking is in line with our slogan: 'Redefining security'. Problems need to be remedied and solutions found. EVVA basically thinks along the same lines, so they deal with our requests promptly as part of their high-quality service. The chemistry between is just right and I hope it will remain that way.

What does "security" mean to you personally?
I feel secure when my own four walls are firmly protected, first and foremost, by a mechanical system – with cylinders, locks and supplementary security devices throughout the house, from the cellar opening to the skylight. You can never fully prevent break-ins, but you can make it difficult, thus deterring burglars as far as possible. Most intruders are opportunists and have little time to commit their crime. If they see an effectively secured door, they usually won't even attempt to break in, but simply go to the next building.

Further information: www.poellmann.info