• Simon Wagner Gerbrunn Headquarters
    Simon Wagner Gerbrunn Headquarters

Wagner Sicherheitstechnik, Würzburg

Founded in 1956, this family business is currently run by Reiner Wagner and his son Simon Wagner.

How long have you worked with EVVA and what are the particularly positive aspects about your business relationship?

We have known EVVA as a highly efficient partner for a long time, but we have worked more closely with them since 2006. Today, EVVA is our most important supplier by far. We value EVVA as a capable, reliable partner and particularly welcome our good work relationship with the field sales representative Gunther Zeiss, who also happens to live in Würzburg. The products, mechanical and especially electronic, are also very appealing to us and our customers.
What projects have you completed together with EVVA over recent years?
Most notably, the milestone University of Würzburg project, which has now been going on for quite some time now and which EVVA has been helping us to complete.

Wagner Sicherheit has two business locations. How many employees does your company have in its workforce overall and what products have you specialised in?
We opened a locksmith's next to Würzburg City Hall back in 1956. In 1997, we decided to build our company headquarters in a suburb of Würzburg. A total of 33 people currently work at the two locations, 5 of them in locksmith's.
We market all security technology products, from mechanical locking systems and electronic solutions through to access control, alarm technology and video surveillance. Of course, we also offer the classic range of keys, locks, signage, mail boxes, door fittings and much more. We also sell many products through our online shop at www.wagner-sicherheit.de.

How would you sum up Wagner Sicherheit's business philosophy in one or two sentences??
We like to provide comprehensive security as a single source provider, from customer advisory and assembly through to installation, maintenance and support. Since 1956, Wagner has operated under the slogan "Key to security" at its two locations in Würzburg. During all this time, innovative products and technologies have been of particular interest to us and our customers. Further information: www.wagner-sicherheit.de