Purchasing strategy

Our purchasing strategy operates according to the "principle of the best bid", i.e. in contrast to the "principle of the lowest bid", suppliers are not selected on the basis of the offer price only.

The ability to innovate and high levels of quality are important corporate philosophy elements that are also reflected in purchasing activities. For this reason, the most important selection criteria in addition to price are quality factors, collaboration, cooperation and innovation.

Consistent cooperation based on partnerships with our suppliers forms the basis to meet our targets.

We value our suppliers' expertise and consider them partners in our development projects.

Our procurement activities centre around:

  • Raw materials (semi-finished goods, such as brass, nickel silver and various stainless profiles)
  • Turned parts, precision parts
  • Screws, springs, circlips
  • Electronic components
  • Cast parts

Our purchasing process consists of the following steps: