Supplier selection

Supplier selection represents the first and one of the most important steps within our process. We select suppliers according to clear criteria:

  • Quality requirements
  • Production capacity
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Tendency or potential for innovation
  • Pricing and conditions
  • Service/communication

Suppliers are qualified as part of the following:

  • Supplier audits

We audit and assess relevant suppliers' corporate and quality policies, production, testing and measuring devices as well as HR policies.
New suppliers are approved using supplier audits in the following cases:

  • If the parts quality requires blocking and there are no substitute suppliers available
  • If we are seeking a new supplier for complex or strategically important parts and the certificate of suitability for production in line with quality standards cannot be provided by other means or if QMs demand such an audit
  • If new suppliers are not certified
  • Initial sampling

Initial sampling is an important part of our qualification process. Initial samples are subjected to required quality technology tests.
Approval is granted upon having scored a positive result.

  • Certificates

Written confirmation of nationally or internationally certified QA systems is regarded as approval.


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