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news, press, 06. December 2011

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    EVVA Sustainability

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EVVA presents its 2011 Sustainability Report

Manufacturing products using oil-free processes, re-using water, reducing CO² emissions, promoting employee training programmes, setting up idea competitions, developing new business strategies, supporting social projects …
in a nutshell: everybody's talking about sustainability and the security sector is no exception.

Over the last few years, the issue of sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has soared in importance. For top technological companies in particular, it is not only advisable to adopt highly sustainable work practices, it is also vital for them to do so.

Sustainability pioneers in the security sector.

EVVA, one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical and electronic access solutions in Europe, has its main office in Vienna. As an industrial concern in the middle of a major city, this family firm has declared sustainability a priority and was the first company in the sector to publish a sustainability report a few years ago. EVVA is now presenting its current report for 2011, compiled in accordance with international regulations. The report outlines all projects already implemented as well as objectives for the next few years concerning the environment, employees, social questions and finance. If you are interested, you can download the sustainability report at now.

Industry and environmental protection – Are they at all compatible?

Yes, but only if such an issue is taken seriously. Experience shows that the two can co-exist. EVVA has implemented oil-free and water-free production of its security products, for instance. This clean production process has already brought concrete benefits, not only for the environment, but also on a financial level. Savings on procurement and waste disposal amount to 100,000 euros per year. This environmentally friendly innovation earned the company the City of Vienna's 2011 Environment Award.

Ethics means integrity.

Social institutions increasingly rely on the support of companies, since public subsidies are becoming more and more scarce. EVVA supports institutions which, first and foremost, help children, such as Caritas or 'die möwe', a centre for abused children. Ethical behaviour goes much further than this, however. The recent numerous cases of corruption and immoral lobbying have undermined the public's trust in institutions. Honesty, fair conduct, also towards competitors, and strict compliance with the law must figure among a company's fundamental guiding principles, especially for security companies, for whom reliability and trust form the basis of their existence. Our Code of Conduct sets out comprehensive, binding guidelines for all employees in the EVVA Group and can also be viewed at

If things go well for the company, then everybody benefits.

However, a company must ensure, first and foremost, that it is on solid, financial ground. It must develop the right strategies, identify the needs of the market and manufacture the best products.
This also entails implementing sustainable work practices. Such a policy not only ensures customer satisfaction, but also thousands of workplaces for our employees and suppliers. Even during the recent economic crisis, there was no need for anyone to fear losing their job at EVVA.

Further information on sustainability at

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