Xesar and AirKey meet mechanical systems

press, news, 06. June 2017

The new hybrid cylinder is the logical, advanced development of flexible access control. It combines smart electronic locking systems and mechanical locking systems to merge the benefits of an electronic locking system with a tried and tested, highly secure EVVA mechanical locking system.

The hybrid cylinder is the matching supplement for anyone seeking to keep using mechanical locking systems without wanting to lose out on the benefits of electronic locking systems. We consequently developed a solution that has been adapted even more to contemporary security demands. "Yet another EVVA masterpiece to complete the product range", Heiner Dolinar, head of EVVA Product Management, explains. "For instance, a hybrid cylinder in the front door to private property cannot be tampered with from the outside in contrast to a thumb turn on the inside of the front door. On the outside of the front door, the electronic cylinder offers all the advantages of electronic access control."

The new hybrid cylinder combines electronic and mechanical locking systems

The new hybrid cylinder combines electronic cylinders from the Xesar or AirKey systems and a mechanical module from EVVA MCS (Magnet Code System), 4KS (4-Curve System), ICS[1] (Inner Code System) and EPS (Extended Profile System) in SYMO design to comply with the most important standards (EN15684/EN1303) in the process. Thanks to the SYMO design the hybrid cylinder can be adapted in length on site to be simply and quickly installed in any EVVA locking system, for instance to upgrade the outer layer with electronic systems. Depending on the software settings the event log of the electronic cylinder records all access events. "The benefits are obvious." We have identified the trend to combine both worlds at an early stage and closed the gap with the hybrid cylinder", Dolinar adds.

The individual profile to enhance the electronic system

EVVA individual profile partners are aware of the increasing popularity of electronic locking systems. "For this reason, they benefit greatly from the advantages of combining mechanical and electronic locking systems to now enhance the range by an EVVA electronic, individual profile", Dolinar explains. "It centres on being even more focussed on customers thanks to the hybrid cylinder that combines electronic locking systems with mechanical locking systems in a single cylinder and includes compatibility with existing individual profile systems. This product is aimed at private and business customers alike who will get the best from both locking system worlds thanks to the Combi key."

Timeless design meets functionality: Xesar hybrid cylinder

"Combining Xesar with a mechanical system, such as 4KS, can satisfy any demands to a highly secure locking system, including the advantages of Xesar featuring local data storage", Sabine Ribits, EVVA Product Manager, explains. Schedule-based operation and event logs are most of all important in public facilities. "Consequently, electronic access control seems to be the solution." However, in emergencies, emergency services must potentially also access the building. We are all familiar with mechanical systems so these components grant fast access.

The smartphone is the key: AirKey hybrid cylinder 

If you combine hybrid cylinders with AirKey, your smartphone will also be turned into the key. All you need is online access and an AirKey hybrid cylinder. The multi-administrator feature allows the determination of multiple administrators who are able to not only manage their own sites, but also the entire locking system across all sites of the company. Access authorisations can be encrypted in the online administration before they are sent or assigned to key tags or cards. The free app and unique KeyCredits supplement user-friendly, complete solutions.

Guaranteed variety

As is the case with all other electronic products the hybrid cylinder is available in all five finish variants, with an extended outside turn barrel and all available cams. Hybrid cylinders are produced from a minimum length of 31mm (electronic, outside)/36mm (mechanical, inside). Extend the system by applying familiar methods and the parts from the EVVA electronic system spare parts catalogue or order the components in the correct dimensions straight away.

[1] Also suitable for combination with ICS round profile.

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