• e-primo iButton
    e-primo iButton
  • e-primo air
    e-primo air

Surfaces (for iButton & air)

The e-primo cylinder is available in various surface designs.

  • Nickel (standard)
    Nickel (standard)

Contact colours (only iButton)

Available with nickel and brass designs.

  • Nickel (standard)
    Nickel (standard)
  • Brass

Grip surfaces (iButton & air)

Available in finely grooved or firm-grip designs.

  • Finely grooved (standard)
    Finely grooved (standard)
  • Firm-grip

Colour of outside thumb turn (only iButton)

Choose the outside thumb turn cover in a colour which matches your door.

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Wine Red
    Wine Red
  • Transparent White
    Transparent White
  • Clear Transparent
    Clear Transparent

Light rings (iButton & air)

Match the light ring design to the colour of your outside thumb turn cover.

  • Clear Transparent
    Clear Transparent
  • Transparent White
    Transparent White

User keys - iButtons

iButton user keys are available in numerous colours. This enables you to immediately see who a key belongs to when one is found. Or you can simply choose your favourite colour.

User keys (air)

  • Tag
  • Card

Function keys (iButton & air)

  • Programming key: Authorises user keys
  • Delete key: Deletes user keys
  • Copy key: Assigns delete card to a user key
  • Blocking key: Temporarily blocks all user keys - for instance, in the event of fire or during renovation work
  • Office key: Permanently open mode for passageway doors during work hours, for instance
  • Emergency key: For operating cylinders without user keys
  • Programming Key
    Programming Key
  • Delete Key
    Delete Key
  • Copy Key
    Copy Key
  • Blocking Key
    Blocking Key
  • Office Key
    Office Key
  • Emergency Key
    Emergency Key