Starter Package

Your security specialist has an e-primo starter package ready for your use.
So that you can instantly test out the new security system at first hand, we have put together a starter package. It contains all the parts required for setting up the cylinder for operation.

The starter package contains an e-primo cylinder plus a media kit and can be used immediately.
Match the number of user keys and cylinders to your customary usage. The escutcheon must feature a cylinder cut-out. Your specialist retailer will gladly offer you guidance for special solutions.

What does a starter package contain?

  • 1 e-primo cylinder
  • 1 battery
  • 1 cylinder fastening screw
  • 1 installation tool
  • 1 gasket
  • 1 set of operating instructions
  • 3 user keys
  • 4 delete keys
  • 1 programming key
  • 1 copy key

How to measure cylinder length