4KS. Springless security.

The 4-curve system is the most resistant system among mechanical locking systems. With the patented, springless curve technology, 4KS is suitable for the toughest conditions. The reversible key is convenient to insert and turns easily and silently in the cylinder. The overlapping curve key provides maximum security.

The benefits of 4KS at a glance

  • For master key systems with a highly complex structure
  • With springless technology
  • Modular design (the cylinder can be adapted on site)
  • Patent protection until 2035
  • Hybrid cylinder
    Hybrid cylinder: Xesar and AirKey meet mechanical systems

4KS will replace our proven 3KS product in new systems as of the beginning of November! Duplicate keys and old system expansions for 3KS will of course still be available after this date. Please contact your EVVA consultant with any questions.