EPS technology

EPS (Extended Profile System) is a further development of EVVA's successful pin systems. EPS excels due to its patented, multiple-overlap key profile. Authorisation is checked on several security levels.

EPS-M | lifelong brand protection

Lifelong international brand protection can be identified by the EVVA logo on the key's profile. EVVA can take legal action if it comes to light that key copies have been commercially produced without authorisation.


  • 5 active scanning components and up to 20 additional  scanning positions check locking authorisation
  • Solid, double-action pins ensure optimum security
  • Patented longitudinal profile
  • Key with optimum bitting angle
  • Integrated check for tampering
  • Optimum wear resistance due to use of special nickel silver keys
  • Technological, managed and legal key protection, thanks to security card and patents.
  • Available in compact and modular design