ICS technology

The ICS (Inner Code System) reversible key system provides effective protection thanks to the unique combination of three different blocking technologies:

  • the specially shaped, hard-wearing length profile,
  • the time-tested curve system, which scans locking authorisation, and
  • the improved pin system. This consists of concealed, inner recesses on the ICS key body - a unique feature not found anywhere else in the world. As a result, it is virtually impossible to manufacture unauthorised duplicate keys.

Lock authorisation is queried by a total of 13 spring-loaded blocking pins in three rows as well as by the specially shaped length profile.

  • Two rows of pins on the side with ten non-split blocking pins scan the curves on the key's sides.
  • One centred row of pins with three tracking pins check the concealed, inner drilled recesses on the key's narrow sides.

Improved key copying protection

Thanks to new, innovative technology EVVA now protects ICS keys even better from copy keys made using cutting-edge 3D printing methods. The depth of the three cuts on the bottom of the key are now concealed.

Your benefits at a glance: Improved key copying protection (pdf)

New ICS keys with increased key copying protection can be integrated into existing ICS locking systems without having to replace cylinders.


  • Combination of three blocking technologies
  • Optimum key copying protection due to the concealed scanning features on the key. Both legal key protection (patents) and organisational key protection (security card)
  • Beautifully shaped design
  • Reversible key
  • Modular design
  • Short overall lengths (27 mm / 27 mm) to ensure no cylinder overhang
  • Optimum wear resistance thanks to resistant materials.
  • Each locking system is unique