Electronic motorised cylinder EMZY

Integration in EVVA locking systems

The motorised knob can be used in all locking systems, regardless of whether they have a modular or compact design. With the EVVA modular system the length of the cylinder can be adapted on the spot to fit the required door thickness.

Suitable for all locks, fittings and doors

Thanks to its design the EMZY is also suited to core pull-out protection fittings, profile frame doors, and all locks with euro profile cylinder cut outs.

Simple day/night mode switch

With the integrated knob push-button you can switch between day mode (permanently open) and night mode (permanently locked).


  • Controlled locking and release
  • Automatic locking and release for motion / approach detector or access control
  • Time controlled locking and release via timer
  • Centrally controlled locking and release via building master control systems