Additional Security Locks K900, K950, K9000

  • Additional Security Lock K9000 Attempted break-in

EVVA additional security locks with an integrated door limiter enable the door to be opened slightly into a secured position. This means the door cannot be forcibly opened from the outside. The door limiter does not engage when the door is opened, meaning it can be quickly closed  again in dangerous situations.

  • Easy to use due to single button operation
  • A red-green indicator signals what position the door limiter and/or bolt is in.
  • The outdoor cylinder can be optimally combined with all locking systems
  • Models in metallic nickel silver, metallic gold, metallic bronze and white
  • For left-hand and right-hand doors
  • 60 and 70 mm backsets
  • Suitable for wooden and metal doors

Special note:
This supplementary security device for apartment entrance doors is particularly suitable for older people and households with children.

Using additional security locks

The additional lock serves as an extra effective security device on your door as its lock case also contains a locking cylinder. You can thus lock your door at two points. If required, both cylinders can be locked using the same key.

  • Series K900 and K9000 for doors with an inward swing
  • Series K950 for doors with an outward swing

Security features

  • Solid locking system
  • Outside cylinder equipped with drilling protection
  • Sturdy wall mount 
  • Resistance class ZS3, certified according to Austrian standard (ÖNORM) B 5351