Exit controller NG

  • Exit-Controller NG

The exit controller monitors emergency exits in buildings and sounds an alarm if they are opened.

Using the exit controller

Building operators need to know whether their emergency exits are closed and secured or if they have been opened. As emergency exits are often misused, it is essential for them to include an additional surveillance device. The exit controller immediately warns you as an operator  by means of an audible alarm when an emergency exit has been opened, whether this is due to an emergency situation or unauthorised opening. The  exit controller also serves as a deterrent against unauthorised opening. This alarm device is primarily used in shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, schools, nursery schools, administration buildings or public institutions.

Security features

  • Battery-operated, so no wiring is needed on the door.
  • Suitable for solid doors and metal frame doors, for doors with panic bars or those with a potential-free alarm device
  • Only authorised persons may engage/disengage the alarm or remove the casing lid
  • Protected against tampering and wilful damage
  • Single-hand release in compliance with standards
  • Different models available