Tubular Safe/Key Safe PZV-178 and PZV-179

  • Photo of tubular safe with and without swing cover.

Tubular safes, also known as key safes are used as:

  • Mini-safes to safeguard items such as cash, jewellery and keys. They are best suited to installation in walls or floors.
  • Organised storage for safekeeping general keys, fire service keys or technical keys as well as identification media. Storing the keys in the safe ensures that the fire service or authorised service technicians (electricity, gas, district heating, lifts, chimney sweeps) have immediate access to the building.

Using the tubular safe

Optimum protection for all valuables: The tubular/key safe is manufactured to a particularly high standard. The model featuring a swing cover provides even greater protection against the elements.

Security features

  • Drill holes in the interior for attaching the safe to the wall
  • Built into wall
  • High-grade materials 
  • Easily installed in pre-prepared hollow recess

Besides key safes, EVVA also supplies different key cabinet models and key deposit  boxes.