FAQ - Xesar

1 General questions

1.1 What is Xesar?

Xesar is an intelligent, secure and most of all easy-to-use electronic locking system. It offers companies a variety of products and application options as well as timeless design. Easy installation, the free Xesar software and the unique EVVA KeyCredits are just a few of the many Xesar benefits.

1.2 Xesar brings about many benefits because…

...Xesar systems can be retrospectively expanded in any way to keep growing with each new build or extension.

…Xesar is a convenient solution. With Xesar you create schedule-based, restricted areas or areas that can be accessed exclusively using an authorised identification medium.

…It allows flexible adaptations: easily and quickly grant external service providers required access.

…Xesar applies an identification media technology that is based on cutting-edge standards, namely on MIFARE DESFire EV1.

...Merely one KeyCredit is required to create and change access authorisations. Deleting lost or stolen identification media is free of charge. Choose from KeyCredits 10, 50 and 100 or the KeyCredits unlimited option for a period of 12 or 36 months.

…Xesar cylinders are also available as half cylinders to be used for example in tubular safes or key switches used to control garage doors.

...Xesar puts you in control of access control to important entrances and exits. For instance, controlled office mode settings make the system even more convenient during business hours – without compromising security.

…Xesar can also be easily integrated into existing systems. Cylinders are quickly and easily installed.

…The system's flexibility increases as a result of our on-going functional enhancements. This will make your day-to-day activities significantly easier.

1.3 What is MIFARE DESFire?

MIFARE DESFire EV1 is the world's most commonly used contactless chip card technology.  ISO14443A: MIFARE transponders, such as cards or key tags operate at a distance of up to 10 cm (depending on the reader) and at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. Encryption standard: AES128 bit

2 How does Xesar work?

2.1 How does the Xesar software work?

The Xesar software and its user interface represent state-of-the-art technology and provide all the important as well as essential functions of a modern and effective locking system – from authorisation administration to event protocols. Countless features, such as status displays on the dashboard as well as individual settings facilitate operation and increase system security. Simply download the Xesar software and install everything in just a few steps.

2.2 In which languages is the Xesar software available?

The Xesar software is available in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Czech, Polish and Slovakian. It will also be available in Spanish and Portuguese from mid-2015.

2.3 Where can I find Xesar software help documents?

Download the system manual in the aforementioned languages from our website at http://www.evva.at/fileadmin/files_all/Download/Xesar/Systemhandbuch/Xesar_Systemhandbuch_V1.1.pdf. We kindly ask system users speaking Spanish or Portuguese to refer to the English version of the Xesar system manual.

2.4 Where can I download the Xesar software?

2.5 Is access data recorded? If it is, how?

The last 1,000 events are saved for each component. You can quickly find and display any event. For this purpose, events are transferred from door to software using the Xesar ta blet. You can deactivate the archiving process or automatically delete personal data after a configurable number of days.

You can save the following events:

  • Access events (person/identification medium, door, date, time),
  • Opening attempts by unauthorised media
  • Deletion of blacklisted media
  • Office mode (automatically and manually)
  • Battery warnings
  • Time change
  • Firmware updates



2.6 How do I create keys with Xesar?

Any access authorisations (= who may enter where and when?) are granted in the Xesar software.   As a result, access authorisations are saved on the identification medium.

Unlike in the Xesar software 2.0., here identification media are used to transfer the information.

2.7 What kind of Xesar access components are available?

Xesar products include an electronic escutcheon, electronic handle, electronic cylinder and a wall reader. This range allows you to equip the most different door types and door situations with access components. Choose the matching product depending on the application situation.

2.8 What are identification media?

Identification media are so-called electronic keys. They are available as cards, key tags or Combi keys to operate any door they have been authorised to unlock.

2.9 Why do I need the Xesar coding station?

Use the Xesar coding station to easily programme new identification media (cards, key tags or Combi keys).

2.10 Why do I need the Xesar tablet?

The Xesar tablet is required to transfer data between offline door components and Xesar software.   In return, the blacklist featuring blocked identification media is transferred between the compoenents and the software. The tablet is also required to initialise new components or run firmware updates. In the Xesar software 2.0, ID media transfer security information to the doors and return data to the software using coding stations. In exceptional cases, the tablet closes any gaps in the security system (e.g. transfers the blacklist to doors that have not been updated)

2.11 Why do I need an Admin card?

The Admin card is paramount for changes to authorisations in the software, creating new identification media and saving sensitive system data in the Xesar software. At EVVA we guarantee straight-forward duplication in the event it is lost or faulty.

2.12 Which types of batteries are required?

Xesar escutcheons require three AAA alkaline batteries, Xesar handles run on one CR123A lithium battery and Xesar cylinders operate with two CR2 lithium batteries. Battery service life: up to 50,000 access events.

2.13 How do I find the correct driver for the coding station?

3 Where can I find…

3.1 …Assembly instructions and data sheets?

Download handy assembly instructions, assembly videos and data sheets from our website at: www.evva.at/produkte/elektronische-schliesssysteme-zutrittskontrolle/xesar/

3.2 …The nearest EVVA specialist retailer?

Go to our website at www.evva.at/partner/ to easy find an EVVA specialist retailer near you. Specialist retailers offering EVVA's electronic locking systems have been highlighted specifically.

3.3 …The new functions for new releases?

Tick the following box on the form you need to complete upon registration as part of downloading the Xesar software: "I would like to receive information about Xesar software updates." You will consequently receive up-to-date software releases by newsletter.

4 Costs

4.1 What does Xesar cost?

Please contact us for the recommended retail prices.

4.2 What are KeyCredits?

KeyCredits are required to create and change access authorisations. Deleting access authorisations is free of charge. Choose from KeyCredits 10, 50 and 100 or the KeyCredits unlimited option for a period of 12 or 36 months. New and further KeyCredits can simply be added whenever you need them.

4.3 How many KeyCredits can I add? Is there a maximum limit?

There is no maximum limit in terms of adding KeyCredits. You can add as many KeyCredits as you like to the Xesar software in one single transaction. for instance, 10x100 KeyCredits or
2x36 months to then benefit from 72 months of unlimited KeyCredits to assign and change authorisations.

4.4 From where do I obtain KeyCredits?

KeyCredits are exclusively available from EVVA Partners. The purchased credits are uploaded to the Xesar software. The revolutionary EVVA KeyCredits ensure customers only pay for what they actually need.

5 What happens if…

5.1 …There is a power cut?

The majority of Xesar components is not affected by power cuts because Xesar escutcheons, Xesar handles and Xesar cylinders are operated with batteries (see Section 2.12).  

In the event of a power cut, you cannot power wall readers separately, for instance using an emergency power device. Tip: install a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to provide electricity during power cuts.

5.2 …The batteries are empty?

The system indicates the batteries are low throughout the last 1,000 actuations. As a result, you have enough time to replace the batteries in time. However, if batteries are still totally drained, you require an emergency power device in order to supply battery-operated components with the required power before exchanging the batteries.

5.3 …A blocked identification medium attempts to unlock a door?

Lost identification media must be deleted in the software. Then use the Xesar tablet to transfer a blacklist to doors.

From Xesar software 2.0 identification media transfers this information to doors (see Section 7).If anyone attempts to unlock a door using the lost medium, it is directly deleted if presented to a door component and rendered void throughout the Xesar system (DeleteKey function). As a result, no one gains unauthorised access.

6 Services

6.1 Which standards and directives apply to my door? Who can help me?

Every door situation is different. Your nearest EVVA specialist dealer will be delighted to provide qualified support. Please contact your nearest EVVA specialist retailer at: http://www.evva.at/partner/haendlersuche-oesterreich/de/

6.2 Where and how can I experience a demonstration system?

6.3 In which famous buildings/objects has Xesar already been installed?

Xesar has been successful on the international market since June 2014. An initial wave of products has been launched around the globe, such as a modern residential complex in Vienna Aspern or the Mitterbach ski resort in the Austrian alps. Xesar is the best choice in systems where complex solutions are required.

6.4 Who can I contact if I need help with Xesar?

The Xesar software is easy to operate and manage. However, visit http://support.evva.at/xesar/de/ to request online support if you still require help.

The Xesar system manual is available at http://www.evva.at/fileadmin/files_all/Download/Xesar/Systemhandbuch/Xesar_Systemhandbuch_V1.1.pdf  It provides additional information and recommendations.

7 Xesar software 2.0

7.1 What are the benefits of the Xesar software 2.0?

The new feature of the Xesar software is that the Xesar tablet is no longer needed to exchange security information between doors and software. From now on identification media are responsible for this task by saving the data on card. With the release of version 2.0, the so-called Xesar Virtual Network will be introduced. New software functions also provide increased transparency, security and convenience.

7.2 What is a virtual network and how does it work?

In a virtual network identification media are used to exchange security information between door components and software. Identification media are provided with update information (blacklist) from a central coding station. Said information is then transferred from door to door on the way through the facility. In this process, identification media update door states and collect door information (battery states, access events, deletions or unlocking attempts by blocked media). This information is transferred to coding stations where it is evaluated before the security status in the software is updated.

7.3 Are there other new features in addition to the virtual network?

Yes! Xesar 2.0 offers significantly more features. Security has never been as transparent as with the new Xesar virtual network. A transparent dashboard overview provides you with information including the door or battery states or whether lost identification media have attempted to unlocked doors. The handy templates are also new, e.g. to transfer automatic office modes or schedule-based profiles to an entire group of users with a single click.

7.4 Does Xesar 2.0 incur additional costs?

The majority of functions provided as part of the Xesar software 2.0 is free of charge. However, it is necessary to purchase the Softwareplus card to register a virtual network. Then expose the code on the rear of the card and enter it in the Xesar software. The virtual network will then be valid for a period of 3 years. Purchase your Softwareplus card from an EVVA specialist retail partner.

7.5 From where can I obtain the Xesar software 2.0?

Download the new software from the EVVA website at: http://www.evva.at/produkte/elektronische-schliesssysteme-zutrittskontrolle/xesar/anfrage-xesar-software/de/ It is necessary to purchase the Softwareplus card to register the virtual network. Expose the code on the rear of the card and enter it in the Xesar software. The virtual network will be valid for a period of three years. Purchase your Softwareplus card from your EVVA specialist retail partner.

7.6 Who is the target audience of the Xesar software 2.0?

The Xesar software 2.0 was designed for all new Xesar customers. All users with Xesar software 1.1 on their systems will be able to update as part of the next release due in autumn 2015.

7.7 When is the next software release due?

EVVA continuously develops new software versions. In this process, we always make sure to integrate user-friendly functions into the host of already available ones. We also take into account the option of firmware updates so that new functions are also available in existing components.

We have scheduled the next release for autumn 2015. The release will focus on the wall reader which will soon operate as a coding station.