Important questions and answers on mailbox systems

Where does a mailbox system have to be installed?

If the entrance to a building is from a public right-of-way (such as a pavement), the mailbox system is to be located near the entrance to the building. A special regulation from the Federal Ministry has defined that, when exchanging the old house mailbox system for a new one, the location previously used satisfies the requirements. if the building is not located on a public right-of-way, the mailbox system must be installed on the perimeter of the premises.

Can I re-use my existing cylinders?

Yes. We at EVVA offer you the ability to continue to use both small and large cylinders of all popular brands of mailbox systems (also other makes).

Does EVVA provide a template for nameplates?

Yes! You can download it now from Templates for nameplates (in Word format).

How secure are the new systems?

Increased resistance against break-in and vandalism is guaranteed by using sturdy steel plating. In addition, we also offer a plastic post withdrawal protection feature.

What is required of the new mailbox systems?

New systems must ensure that postal service employees can deliver postal items easily, with the exception of parcels, and that postal items are secured with a protection guard against third parties accessing mail (DIN EN 13724).

When are mailbox systems required to be installed?

The building owner is required to provide a mailbox for each recipient in buildings where there are more than four delivery points which are on more than two floors. The mailboxes must form part of mailbox system (Section 34, Austrian Postal Market Law).