FAQ - AirKey

1 General questions

1.1 What is AirKey?

AirKey is an electronic locking system made by EVVA. With AirKey the smartphone is the key. AirKey is mobile, flexible, trendy and very user-friendly. AirKey is made in Austria.

1.2 What is NFC technology?

So-called near field communication (NFC) is an international radio communication standard for a contactless transmission of data

1.3 AirKey brings about many benefits because…

…AirKey cylinders boast security features, such as plug pulling and drilling protection, rotary damper and an integrated secure element for secure data storage.

…AirKey cylinders are characterised by a modular design. They enable to adapt elongation on site and simplify planning.

…Cylinders signal authorisations in red, green and blue, making them an alternative and smart solution for persons with impaired hearing.

…Metal finishes for AirKey cylinders include nickel, polished nickel or polished brass. Different designs match different tastes and requirements.

…AirKey cylinders operate with commercially available CR2 batteries.

…AirKey cylinders are also available as half cylinders, thus also making them suitable for garages etc.

…AirKey cylinders are suitable for all conventional emergency exit and panic locks as per EN 179 + EN 1125.

…They also enable access authorisations from two sides, if it is additionally required to monitor who leaves the facility.

…AirKey does not rely on a mobile telephone network operator, i.e. you can conveniently unlock and lock facilities from anywhere in the world without being tied to a specific provider.

…They perfectly and cost-effectively master special challenges, such as different time zones or various sites.

1.4 How can I find out whether my smartphone is suitable for AirKey?

There is a simple and easy way to find out. Open the Google Play store and search for AirKey – if the app appears, your smartphone features NFC. Visit www.evva.at/airkey/en to view a list of all tested smartphones.

Simply do the test and check on the list before you buy a new smartphone for the occasion.

2 Function

2 How does AirKey work?

AirKey uses the Internet and existing mobile phone networks to send access authorisations across any distance. AirKey cylinders can be controlled using smartphones featuring NFC. The smartphone forwards all the events from the door to the online administration to keep the entire system up to date.

Login + registration: https://airkey.evva.com
System manual: www.evva.at/airkey/en
Tutorial:http://video.evva.com/tutorials/airkey/software http://video.evva.com/tutorials/airkey/software

2.1 What do I need to operate AirKey?

A smartphone that is compatible with NFC (please refer to www.evva.at/airkey/en for an up-to-date list of compatible smartphones), identification media, such as key tags or an AirKey access card, an Internet connection for online administration and an AirKey cylinder. The AirKey app on your smartphone and the flexible EVVA KeyCredits.

2.2 What are the system requirements?

Browser: Internet Explorer IE9+, Firefox 6+, Chrome 14+, Safari 6+
Operating systems: all conventional operating systems: Windows XP (or higher), MacOS 10.6 (or higher), Linux
Identification media: At minimum one NFC-compatible smartphone featuring Android 4.0.0 (or higher), optionally AirKey access cards or key tags.

2.3 Does AirKey also work on my iPhone?

Apple provides an NFC module. However, their module has not yet been enabled for third-party applications. For this reason, AirKey is currently not compatible with Apple products.

2.4 What is the AirKey online administration and how does it work?

You need to create a free AirKey account to use the AirKey online administration. This account manages security settings using a browser to send access authorisations to mobile keys, such as NFC-compatible mobile phones. In this process, changes to access authorisations and system information are processed using a secure, encrypted Internet connection.

2.5 How do I create access authorisations?

You conveniently create access authorisations in your account in the AirKey online administration.
For example: Person 1 can enter and exit a room through door 1 and door 2 at certain times.

2.6 From where can I obtain the AirKey?

The AirKey app is available free of charge from the Google Play store and is approximately 5 MB in size.

2.7 How does the AirKey app work?

The AirKey app allows you to update AirKey cylinders and AirKey identification media. Activate your smartphone and the AirKey app will promptly unlock the AirKey cylinder on your door.

2.8 How do I use the AirKey coding station in Firefox?

The new standard version of Firefox 52 (browser) will be published on 7th of March 2017. This update will also affect the required JAVA plugin for AirKey coding stations.

There are two options to guarantee that you can continue to use the AirKey coding station:

  • Use a Firefox version older than version 52
  • Use the Firefox 52 ESR version (extended support release)

The Firefox 52 ESR version is published simultaneously with the standard version. You may download it at the following link:

Firefox 52 ESR version

Please make sure you install the 32-bit variant of Firefox 52 ESR version.
EVVA is currently working on a solution for AirKey coding stations without the need of a JAVA browser plugin. This update will be available within the course of 2017.

Please contact our local Tech Office team member if you have any more questions.

3 Security

3 How secure is AirKey?

AirKey applies cutting-edge security mechanisms and ensures seamless security in the background.

The most important security characteristics are:

  • All transferred data is secured as end-to-end data, as per cutting-edge encryption standards. Your data is protected by encryption between the EVVA high security server and the AirKey cylinder.
  • The use of certified, secure elements - highly secure memory elements that actively encrypt and decrypt - in the cylinders and in identification media makes AirKey the new security benchmark for electronic locking systems.-    
  • An event log for access events ensures seamless transparency.
  • The outside thumb turn is additionally equipped with drilling protection, plug pulling protection and a rotary damper.



3.1 How secure is the AirKey app on my smartphone?

The AirKey app can be secured with a PIN code.
Activating smartphone encryption will provide additional security.

3.2 Where is my data stored and how is it protected?

  • Data is securely stored on highly secure EVVA servers and protected from external access.
  • The online administration features dual back ups to protect from data loss.
  • Automated data backups are carried out in Austria.
  • The data between your Internet browser and the EVVA server is exchanged using a secure https connection, used also in online banking.

3.3 What about data protection?

Customers themselves can configure the system so that personal data is either shown or hidden.



4 What happens if…

4.1 …The battery in the cylinder runs out?

The batteries have a service life of around two years and will last more than 10,000 locking cycles per year. The system will warn users about a low battery by flashing red. This notification is intended to warn of low batteries in due time. If batteries have not been replaced in due time despite the warnings, you can use an emergency power device to provide AirKey cylinders with the required power. The locksmith that installed and commissioned the system provides the emergency power device.

4.2 …My smartphone battery runs out?

In this case, we always recommend to additionally carry identification media, such as a chip on your key ring or an AirKey access card.

4.3 …I lost my smartphone?

You can immediately delete any access authorisations you granted in the event the smartphone is lost. You can immediately authorise an alternative smartphone.

4.4 …I lost an identification medium?

The online administration allows you to very quickly and easily grant or revoke access authorisations. As a result, we recommend you immediately block any identification media you have lost. You can also transfer any blocks to your cylinders using the NFC-compatible smartphone with installed AirKey app. Consequently, your neighbour next door can also update your cylinders without triggering an event.

5 Costs

5.1 What does AirKey cost?

Please contact us for the recommended retail prices.

5.2 What are KeyCredits?

KeyCredits are required to create and change access authorisations. Deleting access authorisations is free of charge. There are bundles of 10, 50 or 100 KeyCredits. You can flexibly add new and additional KeyCredits at any time.

5.3 From where do I obtain KeyCredits?

KeyCredits are exclusively available from EVVA-Partners. The purchased credits are loaded to the AirKey online administration. The revolutionary EVVA KeyCredits ensure customers only pay for what they actually need.

6 Help

6.1 Who can I contact if I need help with my AirKey?

You will quickly become familiar with the user-friendly and simple online administration which allows you to manage your system autonomously and as required. However, visit support.evva.at/airkey/de/ to request online support if you still require help.

The AirKey system manual is available at http://www.evva.at/fileadmin/files_all/Download/AirKey/Systemhandbuch/EN_AirKey_System_manual_V1.0.pdf It provides additional information and recommendations.

6.2 How do I find the correct driver for the coding station?