The EVVA Electronics Partner programme

  • Become an EVVA Partner

Become a member of the partner programme

The EVVA Electronics Partner programme offers you as a reseller many advantages for sales of EVVA electronic locking systems. Have direct access to EVVA's know-how as the manufacturer.

You can acquire and distribute the following products as part of the EVVA Electronics Partner programme:

  • Xesar – the versatile security solution
  • AirKey – your mobile is your key

The optimum partnership level for all distribution partners

EVVA reseller

The Reseller partner level offers you an optimum start to become familiar with the two product innovations. You also learn about the many advantages which an EVVA partnership offers you.

EVVA Partner

This partner level allows you to offer your customers sound advice, independent planning and own installation – simply more service.

Advantages: Listing on the EVVA web site, exclusive campaigns, invitations to partner events, your special partner reseller discount, project discounts and much more.

EVVA Certified Partner

  • EVVA Certified Partner

You have excelled as a EVVA partner due to your expertise and professional knowledge and have thus been invited by EVVA to become an EVVA Certified Partner. This partner level enables you to provide your customers with comprehensive care and to undertake complex tasks. Moreover, you also offer your customers a maintenance and repair service.

special mention in the dealer list on the EVVA website, exclusive offers, your top reseller discounts, project discounts and much more.

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    Table about Partners